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Fashion Professional Boxing Hanging Hollow Punching Bag Fight

Fashion Professional Boxing Hanging Hollow Punching Bag Fight

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Product information:

Item: microfiber boxing sandbag
Size: 80cm 100cm 120cm 140cm 160cm 180cm
Bearing Weight: 80cm - 8kg 100cm -15kg 120cm - 20kg, 140cm-35kg, 160cm-40kg, 180cm-48kg
Packing: punching bag, leveling hook, upgraded hanging chain, upgraded safety buckle.
The link for 80cm 100cm 120cm sandbags, the shipping cost is lower.
This punching bag is for boxing, Sanda, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, especially for people who want to lose weight, Fitness lovers, bodybuilders, businessmen, etc.
1) This sandbag uses longer and thicker anti-tangle chain automatic rotator, weighing evenly.
2) It adds reinforced load bearing belt for longer service life.
3) This sandbag uses high quality PU leather material, it is durable, comfortable and fashionable.
4) The bottom of the bag is reinforced by the cross grain strap.

The sandbag is empty, although it is called a sandbag, it is not filled with sand or material containing water because it is too hard and heavy. It is best to fill the saw, wood chips, rags, old clothes, wheat, corn, Beans, etc.



Packing list:

Hollow sandbag*1

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